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A house becomes a home when you personalize it and make it your own. When you don’t simply fill it with furniture but selectively place the things that mean something to you in each room. The furniture that appeals. The pictures that bring back memories. The things that make you happy. The things that make you comfortable.

Seldom has technology done this, however. Sure, you can spend many an enjoyable hour in front of your home theater, but most other technology doesn’t make a house a home. It’s just there and it’s basic and it’s the same as everyone else’s. Home automation and control technology does away with that flaw, allowing you to create a home where the technology works for you. Whether it’s for security or pleasure, whether it’s installed for you or a retrofit installation you do yourself, it’s automation for your safety, it’s automation for your comfort.

This is the technology that inspires us at AeoTec. These are the home automation products that we make.

MultiSensor 6.

The Corner of your room just got 6 times smarter.


Recently announced.

As the capabilities of connected homes expands, so does the need for different devices. Devices that do more. That look better. That connect parts of the home that have been previously been ignored.

The largest and best received range of Z-Wave products keeps getting bigger and better. Follow the link to see all the market-ready products Aeon Labs offers or has in development.